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Flat Roof

A flat roof is a unique alternative to a traditional sloped roof, often found on modern-style homes or commercial buildings. Common in arid climates, a flat roof allows you to use roof space as additional living space.

The most important factor when building and maintaining a flat roof is using high-quality materials that won’t leak in the winter or crack in the summer. Since water doesn’t run off a flat roof as easily as it does on a sloped roof, a flat roof must be carefully constructed to allow water to run into a low-profile gutter system.

Are you interested in a modern-style home or commercial building? Would you enjoy using your roof as a deck or garden? If so, a flat roof may be right for you.

At Northwest Quality Roofing, we specialize in flat roof construction, waterproof sealing, and repairs for Central Oregon homes and businesses. Each roof is carefully constructed for proper drainage and built with durable materials for the local climate.

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