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Protecting Your Investment in an IB Roof System™

Congratulations on your choice of installing an IB Roof Systems Membrane for your application.

IB Roof Systems is the best solution for many flat or low-pitched residential and commercial roofing projects and is backed by a leader and veteran in the roofing industry.

With all of our roofing systems, low maintenance was very high on our priority list. Properly installed, IB PVC roofing requires very little in the way of maintenance other than industry-recommended seasonal inspection and general housekeeping/preventative owner care. While this is a key performance benefit of IB membranes versus other types of roofing products, it is important to recognize that modern roof assemblies are made up of many other components and products beyond the roof membrane material. Roofs are only one part of the building envelope and are affected by the performance of other materials, fixtures and equipment present on the roof. Your roof is a major investment in your property and there are simple, inexpensive routine care and maintenance items that, when performed, will allow you to enjoy all of its benefits and have that investment perform to its potential.

Roof installations covered by IB Roof Systems Limited Material and Total System warranties include coverage for the life of the warranty against leaks or loss of water-tightness resulting from defects per their terms and conditions. IB Lifetime Residential Limited, Commercial Limited, and Warranty Plus Limited Material warranties provide coverage against leaks resulting from manufacturing defects in the IB roof membrane. IB Total System warranties cover both material and installation defects in the IB materials as the IB Authorized Applicator is responsible for workmanship and installation defects for the first two years of the warranty period. Upon expiration of this contractor warranty term, the IB Roof Systems Total System warranty covers both material defects and leaks that result from installation deficiencies in the application of the IB roof membrane material for the remaining warranty period.

It will be of benefit for you as the owner to develop a routine roof observation and maintenance program, which can help you avoid problems that could result in costly repairs to your building. The IB Roof Systems membrane installed on your roof is designed to give you excellent performance for years to come. Other building components such as gutters and drains, exterior cladding, roof-mounted equipment, metal work and overburden materials do need routine inspection and maintenance to ensure best performance and protect your roofing investment.

If a leak appears, contact your IB Authorized Applicator and notify IB Roof Systems immediately at 800-426-1626. The terms of your IB Roof Systems warranty requires you to call or report a leak to IB Technical Services at the number above within 5 calendar days of discovering a leak, and to provide written notice within 14 days of the leak occurrence. Notification to the contractor does not constitute notification to IB Roof Systems.

NOTE: IB recommends that a building owner first investigates or has inspected any reported or observed leak by an IB Authorized Applicator or trained building maintenance personnel. Leak investigations are the owner’s responsibility and could result in an inspection, repair or service call invoice from IB Roof Systems or the IB Authorized Applicator should leaks be determined as not attributed to the IB single-ply membrane or a condition covered by the IB warranty. An examination of the roof area and associated building components/equipment near the area may be helpful in avoiding unnecessary charges for non roof membrane-related moisture entry such as leaks resulting from maintenance items, rooftop equipment, drain lines, plumbing or HVAC leaks.

In some circumstances, emergency repairs may be needed to prevent accelerated building damage until a full inspection and investigation of a leak can be conducted. Should this occur, a building owner may make reasonable temporary repairs at their sole expense and notify IB Roof Systems the next business day. Emergency repairs must be reasonably controlled and completed with methods and materials compatible with the IB roof membrane so as, in the sole judgement of IB Roof Systems, not to significantly increase the scope or cost of authorized warranty repairs.

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