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Protecting Your Investment with your Malarkey Warranted Roof System

General Information

Thank you for choosing Malarkey Roofing Products to provide your new roof system. A roof system protects your investments, and we at Malarkey appreciate the responsibility that you have given us as your product manufacturer. We take this responsibility most seriously and will do all in our power to assure you a quality roof that provides protection season after season. As the new owner of a Malarkey roof system, there are things you can do to ensure that the performance of your new roof extends beyond the warranty period. Care of the roof is generally simple and the efforts put forth on periodical maintenance will pay you dividends in extended roof life and reduced problems over the life cycle of your roof.

Malarkey system warranties are provided on applicable roof systems that are pre-approved by Malarkey and installed by an approved Malarkey applicator in good standing. While Malarkey does not own or operate roofing applicators, we do “approve” roofing applicators to apply warranted systems. Only established contractors who, through their reputation in the industry and community, have proven that they apply roofs in a professional manner are eligible to construct and repair Malarkey roof systems. The appellation “Malarkey Approved Roofing Contractor” identifies a contractor who has met our requirements and is eligible to apply for a Malarkey roof warranty, but it does not designate him as an agent for Malarkey. Additional information concerning your roof or specific conditions can be obtained from Malarkey.

Procedure for Reporting and Repair of Leakage

Should your roof develop a leak, it is very important that it be handled expeditiously! If left unrepaired, leaks can not only damage the building and its contents, but can also damage your roof system.

If a leak is discovered, it should be reported immediately to Malarkey Technical Services Department by calling 1-800-545-1191 or by fax to1-503-283-5405. Our hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, US Pacific Coast Time.

Once the leak is determined, Malarkey will either authorize repairs under the terms of the warranty or, if not a covered item, will inform you of the findings and work with you to remedy the problem. The original contractor must perform repair work performed in the first two (2) years (or as stated in the contract documents) on a Malarkey Warranted Roof System. If this presents a problem, we will work with you to see if other roofing arrangements can be made. In most cases, if the work is not performed by the original contractor it can jeopardize the warranty you received from the original roofing contractor.

Repairs made at any time during the warranty period must be performed by a Malarkey Approved Roofing Contractor to avoid jeopardizing your Malarkey roofing systems warranty. Special circumstances can always occur, contact Malarkey for details or assistance.

Alterations and Modifications

Malarkey recognizes that alterations or modifications to a building are sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons. For your Malarkey warranty to remain in force, Malarkey requires that any alterations or modifications that effect or contact the roof system be pre-approved in writing by Malarkey. Unauthorized alterations or modifications will jeopardize or place restrictions on all or part of the Malarkey warranty.

Warranty holders can easily obtain approval for properly designated alterations and modifications by submitting a written request along with detailed roof drawings of the alterations and their locations on the roof to:

Malarkey Roofing Products
ATTN:  Technical Services Department
P.O. Box 17217
Portland, OR 97217-0217 USA

At Malarkey’s discretion, inspection of the alterations to your roof system may be required. Verifications of completed alterations and/or modifications may sometimes be achieved by submission of photographs. Please enclose an explanation of the repair procedures to the above address. If an inspection is required, depending on circumstances, there may be a charge for the inspection service. Should an inspection of your roof system be required, costs are limited to Malarkey’s reasonable out of pocket expenditures, including travel.

Inspection Practices

Malarkey recommends that you have semi-annual inspections performed by a qualified individual, preferably in the spring and fall. Inspections are also recommended after a severe storm, after maintenance is performed on rooftop equipment or when the roof is used as an access path for any purpose. A log of all persons working on the roof or using it as an access is recommended. Such a log should contain name(s), date, a brief description of activities and their locations on the roof. Such a log may assist in more rapidly determining leak locations and the cause if damage should occur to your roof system.

During an inspection, the condition of all roof components should be reviewed, noted and photographed. These can then be forwarded to Malarkey if warranty work is needed, or used by the contractors to bid work. The selection of a contractor for repair work should be done in conjunction with Malarkey. As noted in the section titled Procedure for Reporting and Repair of Leakage, the selection of the contractor can affect your warranty. Use only Malarkey Approved Roofing Contractors on warranted roofs. Obtain pre-authorization for all repairs and/or alterations.

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