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Following are the recommendations for the maintenance of painted metal roofing + siding

Maintenance at the time of erection

After the structure has been completed, the panels should be carefully examined for strains, scratches, abrasions, grease, or dirt. Stubborn stains should be washed with “one” of the following solutions:

  • One cup of detergent which contains less than 0.5% phosphate (example-“Tide”)* Dissolved into 5 gallons of water. *Trisodium Phosphate (Soilax)
  • One cup of household ammonia dissolved into 5 gallons of water (room temperature).
  • Solvent containing cleaners (examples-“Fantastic” or “Formula 409”) are very effective and can be used without concern.
  • Starbrite instant Black Streak Remover can also be very effective and can be used without concern. Fort Lauderdale, Fla 33314 Phone #: 800-327-8583.

Working from the top to the bottom of the panels, use a well soaked cloth, sponge, brush (with very soft bristles) or low pressure spray washer. Once the building is washed, a thorough rinsing with clear water is necessary to eliminate the possibility of residue. The use of scouring powders or industrial solvents are not recommended since these agents may damage the film, or leave unsightly sources for dirt accumulation. Particular attention should be paid to remove metal chips, shavings, or random particles, loose or lightly embedded in the paint. These partials originate from drilled holes and field-cut sections and consist of carbon steel which, if left, will oxidize quickly and be a source of red rust stains. These stains can be extensive and severe, and all possible steps should be taken to avoid them.

IMPORTANT: All scratches or abraded areas should immediately be spot-painted with a bottle brush touch-up paint. The acid rain areas of the country it is recommended, that all exposed cut edges/ends, should be roller painted with an acrylic clear coat, or equivalent clear coat. This includes factory cuts, and field cuts. This will prolong the chance of exposed rusting in the future.

Annual Maintenance

The system paint finishes will last many years longer than ordinary paints, however, a routine, thorough cleaning should be performed at least once a year. A thorough cleaning will generally restore the appearance of the panels and render repainting unnecessary.

In rural areas, annual washing with clear water may be all that is required. Even though the system paint finishes are mildew resistant, mildew will grow on accumulated dust and dirt which is on the surface. If mildew or other fungal growth becomes a problem and cannot be removed as outlined, household bleach (read all caution warnings)-mixed at a concentration of one gallon bleach to five gallons of water, along with one cup mild soap to aid wetting-is recommended. Rinse thoroughly.

In industrial areas where fumes and soot are more prevalent, or in marine environments where salt is on the atmosphere, the structure should be washed washing with one of the solutions described in section one followed by a fresh water rinse.

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